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"I would recommend Vini to anyone interested in drum lessons. He is an excellent tutor who can explain things really clearly and simply. As a 50 something complete beginner Vini has been incredibly patient and managed to make all my lessons really good fun. Top guy and top tutor." (Carol)

"For the last few years, Ollie's lessons with Vini have been the highlight of his week. Rare for someone so talented and experienced to be so patient and skilled in teaching a beginner. He's not only inspired him to learn techniques and skills, but has been a superb guide to Ollie in discovering a new world of drumming. He's enthused him incredibly, brought him far, and equipped him to explore further. We can't recommend him highly enough." (Donald)

"I always looked forward to my drumming lesson every week, they were so much fun and I improved massively from when I started.  I had lessons with Vini for almost 4 years and the only reason I am stopping is because I am moving away to uni, he is a great guy and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to play the drums." (Andrew Fraser)

"Vini is an excellent drum teacher, he is patient, enthusiastic, and makes drum lessons not only educational but fun! After starting drums over a year ago I have learnt a lot from Vini's knowledge and superb teaching. I highly recommend Vini for lessons." (Lewis)

"Vini is an excellent drums teacher. My 10 year old boy really enjoys coming for the lessons and always leaves with a big smile. Vini is great with kids and knows how to motivate them. Above all, he takes his work seriously and expects the same from his students. My daughter also had lessons with Vini for about three years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience." (Norma)

"Taking up drums as a woman over 50 was a bit daunting, but Vini was really encouraging and very patient. He can teach notation as well as technical skills and playing along with him on the bass guitar was really great fun. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Top bloke and an amazing drummer too!" (Sandra)

"Totally professional and fun teacher. Both my children have been taught by Vini achieving great results in exams and high levels of enthusiasm. Playing, reading, rudiments and writing; Vini provides a comprehensive syllabus." (Sandy)

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